At first I wasn’t sure if I dug the darker gold color (“Singhs Gold”) of this particular dress, but as I keep looking, it’s started to grow on me. The tailoring is surprisingly modern (especially the back; I love the back) and the deeper gold color keeps the whole affair looking old-world classy. However, I will say that the dress looks like one of those pieces of clothing that when worn, looks effortlessly comfortable, but in actuality will be annoying because the strap slips off every 2 minutes, you’re always freaking out about your butt crack showing, etc, etc. But what do I know? I probably will never need to contemplate the difficulties of red carpet dresses.

PS: I’d *love* to see this dress paired with some Amrita Singh. Just sayin’.

Lorick’s Voile Racing Lee Shift dress is available for $118, down from $374, at Gilt.