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There’s a lot of things I want to say about this mini film, but the first word that comes to mind is: WOW. I can’t believe all of this (that’s right, all of it) is CG. Amazing. Breathtaking. Ephemeral.

shape+color describes this masterpiece as the “fleeting second immediately after you’ve woken from a dream, where for a moment that dream is your entire, thrilling truth,” and I agree, but perhaps for not all the same reasons that he notes. To me, the film is actually unusually melancholic. Even as the viewer is treated to all these beautiful architectural sites, one has to wonder: where have all the people gone? An entire auditorium with snow white seats awaits, empty,  an audience of none. The library is full but unread.

It reminds me of a short story I read in middle school by Ray Bradbury, about a city who had lived for many years, awaiting the chance to enact its revenge on the ravishers who had destroyed its inhabitants many eons ago. At the end of the story, the city, its purpose fulfilled, is finally able to die. This city, as shown in the film, in some ways feels like the epilogue to that story. Its final act completed, it remains only as a beautiful yet empty exoskeleton of a once grand civilization.

Or, one could argue that this is the last monument to a population that for some reason had to escape haphazardly into space. The only living being that we see in the movie is probably the man who could not let go of the beauty of his home, and so refused to leave, letting himself slowly die with his city with the passing seasons. In his last homage, he films and documents the beauty of his home.

Either way, I feel like there is a hidden story behind every panel. Each scene is irrevocably marked with the love that the designer, Alex Roman, has for the craft. I can’t wait for whatever this man produces next.

This is Kahlua’s “Everyday Exotic” ad from around 2005, and I secretly believe it is one of the reasons I enjoy drinking Kahlua so much today (the yummy chocolate liquor taste helps too <3)

PS This video took me FOREVER to find! Thanks YT, for sucking.

Old Haagen Dazs commercial - I remember I must have seen this sometime around 2004-2005, because I made a rather cool surreal violin + blueberries wallpaper that used a phrase from it, “blueberry haiku.” Not sure if I still have that wallpaper running around … but the commercial is here for eternity, haha. You can also download the music too, from the official site! :]